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Do you sometimes experience pain, physical discomfort or strong moods that limit you from leading the life you want? Are there scenarios in your life that repeat themselves as though nothing could ever really change? Or do you find that you are often reacting to life, as if it were happening to you, rather than determining how you want it to be?

Often, there is a gap between how we would like our life to be and how it actually is. Maybe we experience this gap as physical pain, frequent stress or anxiety, challenging and debilitating moods, or recurring unwanted feelings.

The first step towards real change in any one of these experiences is the willingness to learn how they appear in your life and in your body. In you resides the ability to move with greater freedom, strength and flexibility, breathe more freely, have more energy as well as an increased ability to reach your goals.

Call me today to book a consultation session, you will discover my 3 step unique system to achieve greater health and well-being, and we will see if we are a match to work together to achieve your goals.

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As a qualified practitioner, during the last 2 decades Sergi has developed a successful unique 3 step system to stop or reduce the impact of chronic conditions and stress related symptoms. Sergi’s qualification in the amazingly effective Grinberg method, plus learning from the best mentors in Europe and abroad, allowed him to develop a unique system: a structured way of learning through the body that uses touch, breathing and a variety of techniques that increase your energy levels and body attention, and give you the tools to effectively improve a range of physical conditions and stress related symptoms. The aim is to attain greater health and more personal freedom to expand your life step by step. Whether you wish to stop suffering from physical pain, enhance your talents or develop your ability to bring your best to whatever you want to accomplish- with this unique system you might find what you were looking for.

‘Our work together will empower you to integrate your progress and live a more balanced, fulfilling and rewarding life’.

Sergi offers two kinds of individual processes depending on what you want to achieve. One focused on treating only acute and recurrent physical conditions and the other one focused on both personal development and the physical symptoms connected to what you want to learn/achieve.


Suitable for people who experience acute physical conditions, who suffer from recurrent severe conditions, or who have suffered any sort of physical trauma – this may include the ‘before’ and ‘after’ an operation. It is a specific methodology based on the assumption that the body will heal optimally if given the right conditions. My intention through this type of sessions is to teach the client to allow fear, to stop their reactions to pain, to quiet down the mind and to direct the client´s attention to the area of the body that needs it most. All these lessons are designed to intensify and maximize the body’s natural capacity to heal itself. Once a client has passed a critical stage, they could pass on to the learning process to make the recovery fully integrated in a way that the condition/injury/pain doesn't come back. The aim is to have a full recovery and to stop the repetition of the condition/injury/pain and its associated symptoms.


The starting point can be a physical condition you want to change (e.g. digestive disorder, difficulty in breathing, migraines), or it may be the difficulty to permit and to express certain emotions, indecisiveness, the effects of an emotional trauma, or any other experience that detracts value from your life or that holds you back. It can also be a desire or a project you want to accomplish, a quality you are looking to develop, or a talent you want to promote. The body-based learning method focuses on recognizing and stopping the obstacles we meet along the way, and in developing specific skills that are necessary to carry out such purposes. The process will include learning how to handle your fears, how to allow the experience of pain, how to change a limiting pattern of your past, how to exercise your will, the challenge to your personal discipline that the need for training yourself implies, and how to let go of what you already know in order to learn new possibilities.


To receive intensive sessions is suitable if you need to give a powerful step forward in a few days, either in a subject (a decision you have to take, a mood or attitude you want to change, a project you want to be ready for,…) or in a physical symptom/condition. You can have a couple of sessions in a day, and up to 6 sessions in 3 days. Intensive sessions are available in London and Barcelona. The intensive sessions can be focused on recovering from a physical condition, or reducing stress or working with a subject that can allow you move forward the life you want to have. Companies such as Bank of London and the Middle East, NHS, FNAC and Danone or private clients who also needed customized sessions to achieve specific goals, such as musicians, dancers, actresses and actors before performing, teachers before giving lectures, managers before meetings, and elite sportswomen and sportsmen, are amongst Sergi’s clients.


ONLINE SESSIONS: guided powerful one-to-one remote sessions. Same aims and benefits as the in person sessions, through guided exercises in a video call (Skype, Zoom), increasing the long lasting results and saving traveling time ---------- GET PREGNANCY READY: Sergi give an amazing support to women from 30 to 40 years who want to have a child however anxiety is in their way. Sergi help them let go of anxiety and be at their best physical and emotional conditions, so that they are ready to start their family


“These sessions are simply amazing, and what I’m acomplishing every time I come here, I hadn’t acomplished before with anything else. Therefore I would recommend that you just try it out and draw your conclusions; if it works for you, go ahead!”

Laura, 32 years, advertising executive

“I’ve learnt to be more present, to pay attention to my body, trust more and have less fear, be more free in front of the opinions of others,and discover and stop some of the patterns that restrict me being myself. The sessions are professional, provoking and related to my life. I love how we progress. THANKS!!! I feel we are a team!”

Gerard, 45 years, entrepreneur

“The sessions with Sergi have helped me a great deal to better my overall health and also my physical, mental and emotional state. I would recommend these sessions because they attest that we have in our hand the opportunity to better our health if we are given the right tools.”

Marta, 56 years, biologist

“I had acute pain in the sciatic area every year, and I had been told that I was going to feel pain my entire life. After some sessions with Sergi, learning to let go the tension in my lower back and legs, I’m able to relax them more, so now it doesn’t bother me, it’s not stiff, it’s not painful anymore”

Peter, 34 years, teacher

“The sessions with Sergi have helped me in my everyday life to feel more relaxed and confident in social interactions, with my partner, with my friends, with my family, with the people I work with.

What I realized after these sessions is that I had always thought ‘well, at this age I’m never going to be able to change that’. However, I could change it! And that’s really cool!”

Maria, 29 years, manager of a dance festival

“Even though I consider myself healthy I do suffer from sinusitis and rhinitis which both combined give me very nasty headaches that affect my sleep. To help in the past I used relaxation massages almost every month but I have never experienced amazing results, it was purely relaxation.

When I met Sergi and after seeing his passion for what he does I decided to have a treatment with him. This was a mind blowing experience of where when finishing the treatment I did actually passed out for a few minutes. When I woke up I felt I had slept for hours and I was left feeling fresh and revitalised. Also since then I have not experienced any headaches. I completely recommend Sergi and his techniques, very professional and very kind personality. Thank you Sergi for making my life pain free.”

Bruno, managing Director @ Belimitless

“The process of sessions with Sergi has been amazingly effective. It has changed me completely.

For many years I had the sensation of not living my true life, as if my real life would be going to start in a not defined future, and in the meantime years went by and I wasn’t living my life in the way I wanted to live it. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do to change the situation and… was I going to waste my life without living it fully?

After 10 more kilos, without motivation for anything, without energy, without enjoying fully anything, of MY LIFE. I was fed up of being like this but, how to change it?

I started projects with a lot of enthussiasm and after a litle time my will diminished and I was back again into my usual apathy – and more convinced than ever that it was not worth doing anything because at the end I always let myself down. I had no clarity when taking decisions and consequently I never bet 100% for my projects, for my opinions, for myself.

Now I’m the protagonist of my life and I love the life I have. I’m active and I have a lot of clarity. I use the tools that I’ve learned to free myself, I’m not stuck in apathy and disappointment. I’ve lost weight because I connected with my body. I walk a lot, I eat what I need when I’m hungry, I have a lot of projects and the determination of getting them ahead.

To sum up, the process of sessions with Sergi has been amazingly effective and it has changed me completely. “

Isabel, teacher and designer

“Some time ago I broke 50% of the meniscus in my right knee and I had a small intervention to eliminate the broken part of the meniscus.

In the hospital visit after the intervention, I was informed that I would need at least one month without working to have my knee recovered, which was something I could not afford at that moment as a self-employed.

At that time I was already receiving sessions of Sergi Vilanova, and Sergi informed me that we could work a couple of sessions in my knee to achieve a faster recovery. After only 2 sessions in one week, I was impressed that when I came back to see the doctor the week after, the surgeon, visibly surprised, let me know that I was ready to work again and that he even recommended me to walk and go up stairs to strenghten the muscles close to the knee.

So, only in one week, I could work and do a 90% “normal life”. And after a month I even didn’t remember the operation”

Joseph, 44 years, salesman

“My arm was a bit worse the first two days, but since I have come back to work the pain is basically gone! After 1/2 year your made it disappear in one hour. You are a magician 😃 Thank you so much!”

Dr. Mona Garvert, Neuroscientist

ONLINE SESSIONS: “In these times we have to live, being at home more time than ever, remote sessions with Sergi are being really helpful. As my daily life routines have been changed, although it would seem that we’d have more time to take care of ourselves and pay attention to the body, with all the distractions at home we are not doing so. Every week’s online meeting with Sergi, following his instructions that he gives me remotely with a peaceful voice, help me notice my weak points, the tensions, the nods, the too short breathings, the stuck areas in myself, and all that needs to be balanced again. A very good experience that I recommend everybody that hasn’t tried it yet!!”

Marta, 62 years, Professor at university


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Sergi has been working as a successful qualified practitioner in the last 2 decades.

Sergi had always been interested in the ability that we humans have of learning and healing through the body. He was a teacher of yoga, mindfulness meditation and martial arts and he had studied different healing therapies and techniques.

When he was 15, Sergi was diagnosed with diabetes. That moment of his life was a big trigger in his will to study and learn widely and effectively about life, health and being well. Applying what he learned over the years, Sergi’s diabetes case became unlabeled.

When Sergi qualified in different amazing methodologies, more than 10 years ago, he was so passionate by the power and effectivity of what he was learning, that he decided to leave his former job as a graduate Engineer and dedicate his life completely to help people with different needs in physical recovery and in self-development, developing a unique 3 step system that is helping hundreds of people in London and Barcelona every year to stop or reduce the impact of stress, long term pain and a variety of repetitive or chronic conditions.

Sergi’s clinic is currently based in London. He gives in person sessions in Barcelona too. Moreover Sergi gives online sessions to people all over the world.

Sergi is member of an international association of practitioners.

Sergi is also a well-being consultant in companies and organisations. He is passionate about expanding and developing human consciousness. He helps individuals, teams and organisations to change and thrive.

Sergi has strong skills picking up what goes on underneath the obvious, using his intelligence and creativity to identify problems, find solutions and implement them through training and coaching and facilitation.

Sergi works on Leadership Development themes with managers of all levels (board members, senior managers, front line managers, etc) in such companies as Bank of England and the Middle East, Unilever, Alan’s Architects, Ikea and Danone.

Sergi is part of Inchigo’s team: a learning and development consultancy business specialising in Leadership development. They organise Immersions for leaders who want to create a big change in a few days in the enquiry they have for their next step in their professional career / life. In our fast-paced and very busy lives, taking time-out to reconnect to ourselves and to nature, to slow down and stop, are key for us to access deeper insights, greater meaning and focus on our development.

Sergi also facilitates workshops such as: ‘Leading with no stress’, ‘The Relaxation Revolution’, ‘Effective Anger’, ‘Fear as a source of opportunity’, ‘Live with Confidence’.

‘Contact me if you have any question or to book a consultation session to discover if we are a match to work together to achieve what you want in the most effective way.

Looking forward to meeting you and to giving you the best support in your journey!’



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